Collections & Foreclosures

Efficient and cost-effective mortgage foreclosures and recovery of outstanding debts and delinquent assessments.

Collection and foreclosure issues become an unfortunate reality in our fast-paced, consumer-based society. Our attorneys understand that the funds raised through the assessment process are the lifeblood of our community association clients. The firm provides a range of collection services to ensure an efficient recovery of outstanding debts, delinquent assessments, and mortgage foreclosures. Our attorneys manage every phase of the collection process from the demand of payment through post-judgment execution, final garnishment, attachment, and recovery of funds. When real estate secured loans require a foreclosure action, we are able to assist creditors by filing suit, ensuring the liquidation of property, and enforcing default judgments.

Our fundamental objective.

We take pride in our experience with collections and foreclosures. It is our fundamental objective to liquidate claims and final judgments as quickly as possible, remaining committed to serving community associations and lender clients with swift legal action.

  • Community Association Liens
  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Collection on judgments
  • Garnishments
  • Fraudulent transfers