Construction Law

Risk Management. Contract Development & Negotiation Construction Claims & Disputes.

At Halpern Rodriguez, LLP, we understand the extensive complexity associated with construction law. Our experienced attorneys swiftly undertake and successfully manage the intricacies involved in connection with contracts, bonds, sureties, liens, tendering insurance claims, construction claims, and various types of consultancy and management contracts associated with this area of practice. Disagreements can arise when expectations regarding construction expenses, specifications, or project time-frames are not met. At Halpern Rodriguez, LLP, we help you resolve disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. At times, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods provide the best course of action for all parties. However, if litigation is necessary, we take the proper measures to ensure you are placed in the strongest position to protect your legal rights. We are here to provide prompt and professional legal service.

From the commencement of your project through its completion, our Construction Law attorneys examine your needs and work diligently to resolve potential problems before they occur. We provide proactive assistance with the following:

  • Preparation, negotiation, interpretation, and enforcement of construction contracts.
  • Construction claims involving defective work, defective drawings, and delays.
  • Payment issues, including mechanic's liens and payment bond claims.
  • Performance issues during construction.
  • Warranty claims.
  • Construction defects and litigation.
  • Risk management assessment.
  • Regulatory and administrative issues.